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Seventh Annual Stats Report

2017-01-31 13:58:49 by Decky

Seven years. What a time it's been. So many things are different now, both in my personal life and the world we live in. On the Newgrounds front, I'm now a Games and Movie Moderator, which is pretty cool. I also have a new job designing graphics for the golf industry, didn't see that coming. Anyway, TO THE STATS!!! (gain in brackets):


Medal Points: 178,400 (+37,830)

Number of Movie Uploads: 5 (-1)

Number of Game Uploads: 7 (No Change)

Number of Art Uploads: 33 (+4)

Current Level: 42 (+4)

Current Rank: Commander (+2)

Current Rank Number: 298 (+39 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 4,674 (+1,230)

Number of Saves: 22,724 (+2,969)

Combined Saves and Blams: 27,398 (+4,199)

Current Whistle: Silver (+1 Level)

Number of Experience Points: 19,565 (+3,620)

Current Experience Rank: 727 (+290 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 8.36 (+0.4)

Number of BBS Posts: 5,110 (+672)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2 (-0.03)

Number of Game Reviews: 96 (+8)

Number of Movie Reviews: 115 (+5)

Number of Art Reviews: 104 (+12)

Number of Audio Reviews: 63 (+3)

Total Reviews: 378 (+28)


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New Poster, Secret Santa & Other News

2016-12-01 14:42:31 by Decky

Good evening folk of Newgrounds. Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of the run up to Christmas. I got all of my present buying done early this year, in the hope for a stress-free festive season. Fat chance of that happening but I live in hope.

Talking of Xmas I'm currently working on something for @Lintire's Secret Santa Collaboration, a fun project where you create an image depicting one of Santa's nefarious schemes and ploys throughout history; on the grassy knoll, shooting at JFK, sinking ships in The Bermuda Triangle or a fat cat at the top of the world's banks. The sky's the limit. If you're the arty sort you should definitely check it out (deadline: December 23rd).

Secondly, I have a new poster out. It was uploaded to the portal a couple of days ago and I'd sure appreciate a few more views, votes and maybe even a review or two before it's left to the pages of history. It's a design that looks back on the events of the past year and how "memorable" it was...yep it's another Trump piece but I rarely do portraits so it's a slight leap from my mainly vector based style.


Finally, I'm still working as a freelance graphic designer. If anybody has any inquiries about design work please feel free to PM me, I'll get back to you ASAP, I'm usually on here at some point during the day to answer any questions.

Take it easy Newgrounds.


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My NG Art Scout Branch

2016-11-08 20:12:17 by Decky

Evening Newgrounds,

Not so long ago I asked the Art Mods to remove a number of users from my art scouts as they'd deleted their work at some point over the years (read up on "art scouting" here) and this got me thinking "if I was to get 'Pruned' how many would go down with me?" In other words, how big is my art scouting branch?

I currently have 84 scouts. I'm proud to have given so many opportunities to up-and-coming artists and some have turned out great things. @JackDCurleo is an Art Mod now.

So I decided to crunch some numbers:

Starting with my 84 scouts.

Who have in turn scouted a further 53 others.

Who have scouted another 23 artist.

Those artist have scouted 4 more.

Leading to 1 final scout. (@mysteriouslila - the end of my art branch.)


A total of 165 artist.

(166, including myself.)

Nothing like figuring out that 165 other users would lose their Art Portal privileges if you broke the rules to make you feel more important to the system. 

In other news, I plan to get at least one more thing into the Art Portal before the end of the year.

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Mover & Shaker

2016-10-11 10:56:19 by Decky




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Revamped Like Page

2016-10-05 12:46:14 by Decky

What up Newgrounds?!

I've spent a bit of time today going through my Facebook Page and making some changes. Well, it's basically a restart. So, why not take the opportunity to drop be a like and make my day well spent.


Free cookies and/or back rubs for all that do.

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NGAUC '16 Winners

2016-08-24 12:14:23 by Decky

Congratulations to @FinnMK, @PirateCrab & @Papkee. I hope you like your new forum signatures (view them here) and thanks to @TaintedLogic for granting me the opportunity to get involved in the competition.

If this years competition completely passed you by then you can catch up using the links below:

The Tryouts - The Knock-out Round - The Final Round - The Final Round Results

If you would have liked to tryout but missed your chance, don't worry, there's always next year when hopefully I'll be back creating the sigs again and you can always PM TaintedLogic to be added to the mailing list.

Until then keep Newgroundsing and I'll hopefuly have more artwork to upload here soon.

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NGAUC 2016

2016-08-16 14:34:25 by Decky

It's getting near that time of year again folks.

Soon the Newgrounds Audio Underdog Competition will be drawing to a close (Catch up on the final round here) and, just like last year, yours truely will be creating the forum signatures for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (last years signatures/winners here). The unfortunate sods.

So stand by people, your new audio underdogs are just around the corner.


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So, What's Going On?

2016-06-11 12:11:42 by Decky

It's been a while since I posted any news (nearly six months in fact) so I thought it about time I gave somewhat of an update about what I'm up to.

Firstly, I'm still at my job as an inhouse graphic/web designer and all is going well on that front. I seem to be spending more time working on freelance projects though and if anybody wants something designing feel free to drop me a PM

Secondly, I'm always writting down new ideas for animation scripts and I hope to have something in the works at some point this year (at least).

Keep on being awesome Newgrounds. Hope to exhibit more stuff here soon.

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Sixth Annual Stats Report

2016-01-31 07:21:30 by Decky

Six years on Newgrounds! Time flies and all that.

Not too much to show for it here this year but in my personal life I've been coming on in leaps and bounds: In November I graduated from university and the following weekend I started my new job as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator. It's a good job that mainly involves me creating the various marketing materials for the company like brochures and flyers whilst also maintaining their social media presence and Wordpress website. This further explains my drop in activity here recently.

There have been a couple of things worth note that I managed to get done or at least participate in for example Newground's 20th Anniversary Collab or Sigs for Newgrounds Audio Underdog 2015. I'd like to say that I'll get more done this year but at the current rate my job will just take up too much of my time but we'll just have to see.

Anyway without anymore to do, here are my stats (gain from last year in brackets):


Medal Points: 140,570 (+51,880)

Number of Movie Uploads: 6 (No Change)

Number of Game Uploads: 7 (+1)

Number of Art Uploads: 29 (-1)

Current Level: 38 (+4)

Current Rank: Lt. General (+1)

Current Rank Number: 337 (+36 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 3,444 (+807)

Number of Saves: 19,755 (+1,663)

Combined Saves and Blams: 23,199 (+2,470)

Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 15,945 (+3,560)

Current Experience Rank: 1,017 (+485 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 7.96 (+0.43)

Number of BBS Posts: 4,438 (+535)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.03 (-0.11)

Number of Game Reviews: 88 (+11)

Number of Movie Reviews: 110 (+10)

Number of Art Reviews: 92 (+7)

Number of Audio Reviews: 60 (+5)

Total Reviews: 350 (+33)


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Newgrounds Audio Underdog '15

2015-08-21 09:03:07 by Decky

The results for the Newgrounds Audio Underdog Contest were announced (four days ago, I've been busy playing games (you can see the results here)). This year I created the forum signatures awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place so I thought I should make this post to display them, congratulate the winners and thank TaintedLogic for asking me to design the signatures.

So congratulations @Trunotfals, @Ylmir and @ZacCurran. I hope you all enjoy your sigs.

@TaintedLogic. Thanks again.




If you want something designed then message me and I'll get back to you.

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