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Seventh Annual Stats Report

2017-01-31 13:58:49 by Decky

Seven years. What a time it's been. So many things are different now, both in my personal life and the world we live in. On the Newgrounds front, I'm now a Games and Movie Moderator, which is pretty cool. I also have a new job designing graphics for the golf industry, didn't see that coming. Anyway, TO THE STATS!!! (gain in brackets):


Medal Points: 178,400 (+37,830)

Number of Movie Uploads: 5 (-1)

Number of Game Uploads: 7 (No Change)

Number of Art Uploads: 33 (+4)

Current Level: 42 (+4)

Current Rank: Commander (+2)

Current Rank Number: 298 (+39 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 4,674 (+1,230)

Number of Saves: 22,724 (+2,969)

Combined Saves and Blams: 27,398 (+4,199)

Current Whistle: Silver (+1 Level)

Number of Experience Points: 19,565 (+3,620)

Current Experience Rank: 727 (+290 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 8.36 (+0.4)

Number of BBS Posts: 5,110 (+672)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2 (-0.03)

Number of Game Reviews: 96 (+8)

Number of Movie Reviews: 115 (+5)

Number of Art Reviews: 104 (+12)

Number of Audio Reviews: 63 (+3)

Total Reviews: 378 (+28)


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2017-02-16 15:52:45

What does a games and movies moderator do?

Decky responds:

We look after the Games/Movie Portal, removing all submissions that break the rules. Stolen, malicious etc.