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Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2016

Six years on Newgrounds! Time flies and all that.

Not too much to show for it here this year but in my personal life I've been coming on in leaps and bounds: In November I graduated from university and the following weekend I started my new job as a Graphic Designer/Marketing Coordinator. It's a good job that mainly involves me creating the various marketing materials for the company like brochures and flyers whilst also maintaining their social media presence and Wordpress website. This further explains my drop in activity here recently.

There have been a couple of things worth note that I managed to get done or at least participate in for example Newground's 20th Anniversary Collab or Sigs for Newgrounds Audio Underdog 2015. I'd like to say that I'll get more done this year but at the current rate my job will just take up too much of my time but we'll just have to see.

Anyway without anymore to do, here are my stats (gain from last year in brackets):


Medal Points: 140,570 (+51,880)

Number of Movie Uploads: 6 (No Change)

Number of Game Uploads: 7 (+1)

Number of Art Uploads: 29 (-1)

Current Level: 38 (+4)

Current Rank: Lt. General (+1)

Current Rank Number: 337 (+36 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 3,444 (+807)

Number of Saves: 19,755 (+1,663)

Combined Saves and Blams: 23,199 (+2,470)

Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 15,945 (+3,560)

Current Experience Rank: 1,017 (+485 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 7.96 (+0.43)

Number of BBS Posts: 4,438 (+535)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.03 (-0.11)

Number of Game Reviews: 88 (+11)

Number of Movie Reviews: 110 (+10)

Number of Art Reviews: 92 (+7)

Number of Audio Reviews: 60 (+5)

Total Reviews: 350 (+33)


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Posted by Decky - August 21st, 2015

The results for the Newgrounds Audio Underdog Contest were announced (four days ago, I've been busy playing games (you can see the results here)). This year I created the forum signatures awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place so I thought I should make this post to display them, congratulate the winners and thank TaintedLogic for asking me to design the signatures.

So congratulations @Trunotfals, @Ylmir and @ZacCurran. I hope you all enjoy your sigs.

@TaintedLogic. Thanks again.




If you want something designed then message me and I'll get back to you.

Logo / Typography / Editorial

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Posted by Decky - April 10th, 2015

Do you have an idea for a poster, logo, web banner, or anything really and need a designer to get the visuals you want? Then why not hire me? A fee is negotiable depending on what it is that you require and the time that it takes to create the piece.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested or have any further questions.

I also have existing work for sale at Redbubble.com.

Hope to hear from you soon.

- Decky

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Posted by Decky - April 7th, 2015

Well this has actually been up for a couple of days now but I haven't got around to posting a newspost about it or changing the link in my sig (which I shall do In a minute).

Here's a link to the new piece

Everything you need to know about the campaign is in the description and I hope you will leave some feedback after you viewing :). If not at least vote, you know it makes sense.



Posted by Decky - February 24th, 2015

I have some new work. A collection of 6 stamps to celebrate the fashion industry of the UK.

Here's a link.

Please vote and if you have time review.

And here's one of the six just to make the post look a little more interesting.



Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2015

Has it really been five years already? Time files. To think that when I started this account back in '10 I was a media student. Now it's looking more like a career in graphic design for me. Not sure if I thought back then that I would still be here. Anyway, without any more boring bullshit that nobody is likely to read here are some stats (gain from last year in brackets):

Medal Points: 88,690 (+9,750)

Number of Movie Uploads: 6 (No Change)

Number of Game Uploads: 6 (+1)

Number of Art Uploads: 30 (+4)

Current Level: 34 (+2)

Current Rank: Brig. General (+1)

Current Rank Number: 373 (+20 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 2,637 (+177)

Number of Saves: 18,092 (+1,132)

Combined Saves and Blams: 20,729 (+1,309)

Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 12,385 (+1,350)

Current Experience Rank: 1,502 (+240 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 7.53 (+0.18)

Number of BBS Posts: 3,903 (+209)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.14 (-0.39)

Number of Game Reviews: 77 (+3)

Number of Movie Reviews: 100 (+8)

Number of Art Reviews: 85 (+4)

Number of Audio Reviews: 55 (+3)

Total Reviews: 317 (+18)

So, I think it clear from this that I have been slacking some what on my NG stats, to be honest I have other things going on and I can't seem to find time to spend watching flashs or posting on the forums. When I am here though I still enjoy making sigs for Newgrounds Sig Makers and playing the odd medal game. I can't see myself ever completely leaving this site but maybe a slow decline in activity. Seems the way of the NG user.

This year I am determined to make another animation. It has been far to long. Just a little short or something. I'm currently busy with my university work but I graduate in the summer so I think I'll start drafting a script them. Have to admit I have forgotten nearly all of my flash knowledge so....wish me luck.

On a final note, check out the Free Rice Crew in Clubs & Crews. Where you can donate to charity simply by taking a quiz. You know it makes you feel all warm inside.

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Posted by Decky - December 12th, 2014

Merry Christmas Newgrounds!

I'm writing this early as I doubt I'll be bothered to do so closer to the time and I'm hardly spending as much time as I used to online but I wish you all a great holiday season and the best end to 2014 you can possibly achieve. In other words "get drunk". 

Looking forward to what pops up in The Portal this Christmas.

All the best.

- Decky

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Posted by Decky - May 14th, 2014

Another one of my university projects. This time I had to create a graphic for a song that included some of the songs lyrics, something I had found on the internet, a photograph, something that I'd drawn by hand and scanned in and something that I'd drawn digitally.

The song that I picked was Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.
Please view and/or review with the link below.


Posted by Decky - February 19th, 2014

Over the past month or so I've been working on a project for university in which I had to create two P.O.S. (point of sale) graphics for a book that has been published for over sixty years, one implicit and the other explicit, I chose Treasure Island. 

Long story short, I uploaded them here a few days ago and would like some feedback, votes, views so go and have a look y'all and thanks in advance.

Here's some links to the pieces:

Implicit Treasure Island Poster

Explicit Treasure Island Poster 

Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2014

Here we are again. I've been here for four years now and I have to say that I haven't been online half as much as I had in previous years. What can I say, real life has got in the way but more of that and what I've been up to after some stats YO! (gain from last year in brackets):

Medal Points: 78,940 (+17,855)

Number of Movies Uploads: 6 (+1)

Number of Game Uploads: 5 (+1)

Number of Art Uploads: 26 (+1)

Current Level: 32 (+4)

Current Rank: Colonel (+2)

Current Rank Number: 393 (+87 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 2,460 (+256)

Number of Saves: 16,960 (+4,191)

Combined Saves and Blams: 19,420 (+4,447)

Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 11,035 (+2,600)

Current Experience Rank: 1,742 (+812 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 7.35 (+0.38)

Number of BBS Posts: 3,694 (+442)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.53 (-0.44)

Number of Game Reviews: 74 (+8)

Number of Movie Reviews: 92 (+14)

Number of Art Reviews: 81 (+10)

Number of Audio Reviews: 52 (+4)

Total Reviews: 299 (+36)

So what has been going on in my life? Well, since the last stats report I've got into university and spend most of my week working on some graphic design project or another. This is interspersed with going to work at the weekends at a job I truly hate. Luckily I like the uni work so it's kind of a mix of heaven and hell for me at the moment. As for my Newgrounds activities over the year I took part in The Just a Monday Collab and The Newgrounds Holiday Worm, which was fun as I always enjoy taking part in collabs. I've also been making forum sigs in The Newgrounds Sig Makers. That's about it really.

In the next year I'll try to be more active but I really can't promise anything with how busy I find myself nowadays. Fingers crossed everybody.


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