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An interesting and entertaining animation.

The jokes were humorous and the animation was quite smooth. I would have liked to have seen more time taken towards the smaller artist details, a faint scaly texture on the skin of the T-Rexs for example, the general feel of the cartoon is good though and these are minor improvement suggestions.

Keep it up and I'll hopefully be seeing more of your animations soon.

Just amazing. I love the way you've drawn the character's expressions, a great source of visual comedy, similar to the drawing style of Oney or Psychicpebbles.

At some parts I felt like the graphics could have been improved, for example the bosses left arm (viewers left) looks very thin. There are only a few instances of these kinds of thing, so it really isn't much to pick at. The audio is a little off too but you have addressed this in the Author Comments.

When the dog put his hat on, I swear, I nearly fell off my chair. Brilliant writing.

Keep it up

TrohPee responds:

Thanks for the nice detailed review dude. It's been awhile since I made this, but its always nice to see it made someone laugh ;3
~ Keep it sleezy ,xoxo Trohpee

First impressions are important, I could see myself voting one or two when I saw those pyramids. It would have been better to start with something more visually exciting, for example a few panning shoots of the tanks before they start and the music kicks in.

It is also noticeable that the tanks don't have any animation, such as moving tracks and they're of a completely different style to the "war machine". I like the simple style of the war machine, you should have just replicated that with the tanks.

The typography needed work. Well, I think you just grabbed a default font, a simple mask to make the text distorted, if used subtly, would be an improvement.

I liked the idea of this flash and it could have been an interesting short so maybe I've been kind but the war machine has me heart now, with his little oil barrel.

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It's a game. That is for sure.

Firstly, it could do with some instructions (controls?). I'm guessing this is just a one button, platform jumper. Though the yellow thing that darts off away from you at the start of the game confuses me. Am I supposed to shoot it? Catch it?

You really need to add a home page which could link to an instructions page maybe credits (makes it look a little more professional) and a start button. Then think about more advanced stuff like collectables for points as well as earning it through distance.

It's an okay time waster and I appreciated all the medals but it's not the most thrilling of simulators. I would have liked more things to buy and better graphics to make it more visually interesting.

I would have also put in a side game to earn skill points, it'd add more gameplay.

Honestly, I ended up killing myself (in the game, I don't have happiness issues) at just over 3k because I got bored. It needs more options to increase gameplay. A points for upgrades system would be nice and more types of obstacles. I'd work on the spawning of obstacles and power ups too, sometimes it was impossible not to take a hit.

The graphics were good though.

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you

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A nice bit of Dub.

Not really my genre and I haven't hear the original to compare but this seems like a great track. Gave me something chill to listen to whilst smoking and I can't ask for much more than that.

I'll be listening to the original next.

Keep it up.

PizzaKiller responds:

Thanks man

Who doesn't smile in their heart when they hear a mix of 8-bit and Dance. Personally I found the concoction to be a great listen. Bravo to you.

There isn't much I can think to point out techniqually about this other then I would have like it to have been longer but what do I know.

Well done.

DjThiscom responds:

Thank you for your positive comment.
I was really happy when I see I make someone happy. :)
Of course I will try to create more similar songs. Eventually.

It seemed like pretty good melodic rock at the begining and I was about to give up on it when the guitar kicked in. Lyrics are okay, and it kept my attention all the way through after that. Reminds me of a softer Metallica with maybe some influences from instrumental folk rock.

Nothing really much to point out. I would have lkiked it to be heavier but that's a personal preference thing. I think it's earnt 4/5, why not.

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Not a bad figurative piece, though I would have liked to have seen more time and care taken with the shading, around the stomach and chest for example could have been blended better. Her ass looks a little square too (what a line) and there's rough lines on the arms and back that should have been smoothed out.

The proportions are good. and I like the use of colour. Maybe tone down your signature and see how a gentle gradient backgrounds look in your art.

Keep it up.

Always good to show a bit of flesh.

A nice character piece. I never can find the time to put in the amount of detail you have here, I'm blown away by the effort.

If i was being hypercritical, I feel that the right leg doesn't stand out strong enough against the background one, especially around the beginning of the right toes. A little more shadow under them would improve this.

Impressive perspective work and the use of subtle gradients for the shading goes well with the style. I feel that Mario's moustache could have done with more detail, maybe a slight texture or gradient.

Other small details; The star on top of the building looks very flat and the clouds have too much of a brush stroke style to fit the cartoony feel of the figure.

I rather like this piece. I just feel it should have had more time spent on the background to bring it to the standard of the figure.

Graphic designer for hire. If you want something designing give me a PM and I'll get back to you.

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