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Eighth Annual Stats Report

Posted by Decky - February 1st, 2018

First off, whoops! As it was the eighth anniversary of me making my account yesterday and I forgot to make this post (an ironically fitting tribute to my activity this year).

The past twelve months have been somewhat hectic for me. I keep stating that it's just growing up and not having as much time for the things that I enjoy anymore and, of course, this is completely correct. Once you hit twenty-five I think it's time to give up on fun and just try to enjoy what comes around. Sadly I'm approaching twenty-seven.

As for Newgrounds life, not much at all. In fact I have removed more content than uploaded this year. Never what you want. I hope to get more time in the up coming year.


Stats (gain in brackets) 

Medal Points: 180,450 (+2,050)

Number of Movie Uploads: 5 (No Change)

Number of Game Uploads: 7 (No Change)

Number of Art Uploads: 16 (-17)

Current Level: 44 (+2)

Current Rank: Commander (No Change)

Current Rank Number: 296 (+2 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 4,888 (+214)

Number of Saves: 23,116 (+392)

Combined Saves and Blams: 28,004 (+606)

Current Whistle: Silver (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 20,725 (+1,160)

Current Experience Rank: 662 (+65 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 8.48 (+0.12)

Number of BBS Posts: 5,119 (+9)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 1.75 (-0.25)

Number of Game Reviews: 96 (No Change)

Number of Movie Reviews: 115 (No Change)

Number of Art Reviews: 104 (+1)

Number of Audio Reviews: 63 (No Change)

Total Reviews: 379 (+1)


Comments (4)

+1 review for a full year? For shame man! XD Fair dose of Blams though, considering the Blam situation and all, and regarding all others yeah, you do seem busy... I don't believe it's truly ever time to stop having fun, but feels like priorities do shift a bit.

Have you made one of these posts every year you've been here? Seems like a fun tradition. Could possibly dig up some NG Log stats and similar to get a retrospective breakdown over the years, some time, when spare time allows, would be fun but also seems totally unnecessary right now all other priorities considered...

-17 art uploads though? What happen?!

Very busy.

I removed my older art pieces and yes, I've made a stats report every year. A few more and I can properly nerd out with some line graphs.

where u at bb?? make me a cool ass sig. K, miss you

Yo, I be back.

Just dropping by to say hi. :3

Hello mofo!

"Once you hit twenty-five I think it's time to give up on fun" might be the most depressing sentence i've ever read

Hahaha I think I was having a bad day.