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It's an okay time waster and I appreciated all the medals but it's not the most thrilling of simulators. I would have liked more things to buy and better graphics to make it more visually interesting.

I would have also put in a side game to earn skill points, it'd add more gameplay.

Honestly, I ended up killing myself (in the game, I don't have happiness issues) at just over 3k because I got bored. It needs more options to increase gameplay. A points for upgrades system would be nice and more types of obstacles. I'd work on the spawning of obstacles and power ups too, sometimes it was impossible not to take a hit.

The graphics were good though.

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you

It's a good start though It could have been improved if you added a currency and upgrades, worked a little longer on the graphics and stopped the lava being able to close you in; I'd suggest making it so that when expanding a square it loses another at the opposite side.

This game did hold my attention for a while, all things considered. The medals were a nice touch. Just remember to not rush these things and think about the detail.

It's yet another big hooray from the medal collectors across Newgrounds.

I have to say though it's not one of my favourites of yours. In the Author Comments you put "Use your eagle eye." and you weren't kidding, I had to nearly put my face to the screen and I have to admit, I resorted to the walkthrough on a few occasions. I get that that's almost the point to the game, but, damn.

Other than that I can't really fault it. Thanks for the medals
Keep'em coming.

A pretty standard idle game.

I did note that it didn't take long for the gameplay to become laggy though this is an older game and I know that it isn't much of a problem in your other games plus it didn't stop me from enjoying around an hour or so of entertainment.

It's not bad but it's not a new Electric Rubber.

A fun concept, as it turns out I'm not very good at running a vintage game based pawn shop.

I would have liked to have seen better graphics. Maybe a nice pixel shop with people waking up to the counter and then cutting to the game sliding over a counter and the options appearing. Though the design as is has it's charms.

A nice way to spend some free time and deserving of the Daily 3rd Place.
Well done

It kept me entertained for a good while.

It feels like a retro tower defence game, I liked the classic cartoon style of graphics and the large range of things to do (garden, upgrades, armory etc.) and the ability to gain one extra gold by clicking a button on the upgrade menu. The story is also a pretty neat consept, like a cross between Rapunzel and Dawn of The Dead.

Top all this off with a bunch of Newgrounds medals and you're on to a winner.

Keep it up.

A good arcade style game with simple controls. The idea that you jump when moving adds a new twist to a classic format.

I would have preferred some kind of currency to buy upgrades or maybe more types of weapon to pick up and zombies to kill, really boost that game play.

I enjoyed the overall style of the game and It's hard to pick a flaw with the graphics, they're simple and functional. The blast from the rockets could be bigger and maybe some shade on the rocket itself.

A good way to spend half an hour.

MrNannings responds:

Good to hear you enjoyed yourself!

Yeah i did the art myself and i'm only a coder.

A kinda shop would be nice indeed.


Not bad, a pretty standard idle game.

I would have spent more time on the graphics, some animation in the background would have been a nice touch, maybe some movement in the sea or a jet ski going past every once in a while. I would also have like something to customise the crab, purchasable hats, coloured shells, anything. It would have made me less bored as I waited for the 50 boats medal.

I'd spend more time thinking about little aesthetic improvements before you publish next time. Thanks for the medals though.

It's a simple, easy to understand, time killer. It took me around half an hour to complete, which I don't think is bad but I would have like to have had more levels and maybe some on a larger scale with a possible 10+ moves. If nothing else but to extend gameplay.

Other then that it's hard to poke holes in this and I did earn a hundred and eighty five medal points out of it so I can't complain.

An easy 4/5.

Graphic designer for hire. If you want something designing give me a PM and I'll get back to you.

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