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Not a bad figurative piece, though I would have liked to have seen more time and care taken with the shading, around the stomach and chest for example could have been blended better. Her ass looks a little square too (what a line) and there's rough lines on the arms and back that should have been smoothed out.

The proportions are good. and I like the use of colour. Maybe tone down your signature and see how a gentle gradient backgrounds look in your art.

Keep it up.

Always good to show a bit of flesh.

A nice character piece. I never can find the time to put in the amount of detail you have here, I'm blown away by the effort.

If i was being hypercritical, I feel that the right leg doesn't stand out strong enough against the background one, especially around the beginning of the right toes. A little more shadow under them would improve this.

Impressive perspective work and the use of subtle gradients for the shading goes well with the style. I feel that Mario's moustache could have done with more detail, maybe a slight texture or gradient.

Other small details; The star on top of the building looks very flat and the clouds have too much of a brush stroke style to fit the cartoony feel of the figure.

I rather like this piece. I just feel it should have had more time spent on the background to bring it to the standard of the figure.

Not a bad piece of 3D art.

I think it would have been improved with a more clearly defined floor, maybe a corner in the background would have helped and given the rings a more bouncing look. I would have also worked on making the surface of the rings smoother.

The light positioning is okay but this only goes to highlight the rough texture.

Keep practicing and think more about backgrounds.

A nice logo design.

My advice would be that if your going to upload a logo to the Art Portal you should consider creating a complete style sheet, by that I mean: the logo in different sizes, a logo with text, a business card design, in greyscale etc. This will showcase your design and it's versatility.

Other than that the logo itself is a simple and effective design.

Keep it up

Very impressive.

The way you have capture a sense of femininity and fragility in this piece is next to mind blowing. The elongation of the neck adds to the image and the earing simply couldn't have been done better making this one of the hardest art works I've reviewed on Newgrounds.

The only thing that I can spot is there seems to be a strange, dark, wavy effect at the very bottom of the figure that looks out of place, I would have spent some time in Photoshop to remove it.

An epic piece, please do keep it up.

1forthefallendreams responds:

Thanks very much for the kind words,and I appreciate your constructive criticism.I will take that in account in my future art !

A nice hero and pet design (though, I wonder why it couldn't be used).

The shading on the cat and hawk is simple and effective, I particularly like how it's applied on the arms and head of the cat. I would, however, have put more time into the blocks at the bottom of the piece, a subtle stone texture and some shade to add depth would have taken the image to a new level. The sky background is a nice touch.

The Hawk would have worked better as a character design if it had more features; talons, some feathers coming from the back of the head etc. Currently, it feels like more time has been put into the cat character.

This could have been better but it's not bad at all.

Keep it up.

StitchedSquid responds:

The main problem with why I thought couldn't enter it was because I was worried that the proportions were too realistic and it may have not been cartoony enough. I'm currently working on a new entry, albeit it still may not be eligible since my style uses only proportions similar to real life.

A really awesome piece. I love the way you have captured the reflection of the sunshine coming through the water on the Buizel's back and the texture of the coral.

Maybe another Pokémon lurking in the background in the lower left of the piece would have added a new element to the image, a kind of predator and prey vibe. Alternately, a small Krabby hanging around in the coral.

It's really had to pick flaws in this so you should be proud of it.

Keep it up.

Littlepinkmonkey responds:

Thank you!
What you say is very true, I will take it with me for my next work

A nice pokemon drawing (not that we're all getting sick of seeing them recently) with a pleasing colour scheme just the right amount of line. It'd look great as a T-shirt design.

There are a couple of little things that I could see that I would have done differently, for example; the left calf of the Rhydon has a definition line that looks like it continues too far towards the back of the knee also the gap between this line and the back of the leg, near the foot, should be slightly larger. Another, slight thing would be to put the Rhydon's hand obscured from view by the Rhyperior's forearm.

Other than these small things it's awesome.
Keep it up, I hope to see more of your work soon.

One of the best Pokémon mashups I've seen so far.

I especially like the detail in the background with what I can only assume is the blurred strobe of this fastly approaching creature. The terrified trainer below is another nice touch.

I'm not a huge fan of the light edges to the cliff face to the left, if they weren't there I think it would have made for a better looking rocks (if there is such a thing with stone) and maybe there's too many of the dark streaks coming up from the bottom and right of the piece.

An easy 4.5 stars
Keep it up

MycosynthWellspring responds:

Wow, thanks! Yeah, I agree about the rocks. I wanted to move those out closer to the camera to differentiate them from the gorge in the background, so for lack of better ideas just tied to outline their contour.
I kind of see your point on the dark streaks too - as in to limit the amount of areas with lots of sharp contrast to shift the focus away from the unimportant parts. Makes sense if that's what you meant. I just really wanted to go for that classic "superfast-worldblur" effect you can see comic and manga artists implemend to convey motion - probably overdid it, not entirely sold on that.

Thanks for the feedback and cheers, I'd definitely keep it up in the future :D

Graphic designer for hire. If you want something designing give me a PM and I'll get back to you.

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