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Fifth Annual Stats Report

Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2015

Has it really been five years already? Time files. To think that when I started this account back in '10 I was a media student. Now it's looking more like a career in graphic design for me. Not sure if I thought back then that I would still be here. Anyway, without any more boring bullshit that nobody is likely to read here are some stats (gain from last year in brackets):

Medal Points: 88,690 (+9,750)

Number of Movie Uploads: 6 (No Change)

Number of Game Uploads: 6 (+1)

Number of Art Uploads: 30 (+4)

Current Level: 34 (+2)

Current Rank: Brig. General (+1)

Current Rank Number: 373 (+20 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 2,637 (+177)

Number of Saves: 18,092 (+1,132)

Combined Saves and Blams: 20,729 (+1,309)

Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 12,385 (+1,350)

Current Experience Rank: 1,502 (+240 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 7.53 (+0.18)

Number of BBS Posts: 3,903 (+209)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.14 (-0.39)

Number of Game Reviews: 77 (+3)

Number of Movie Reviews: 100 (+8)

Number of Art Reviews: 85 (+4)

Number of Audio Reviews: 55 (+3)

Total Reviews: 317 (+18)

So, I think it clear from this that I have been slacking some what on my NG stats, to be honest I have other things going on and I can't seem to find time to spend watching flashs or posting on the forums. When I am here though I still enjoy making sigs for Newgrounds Sig Makers and playing the odd medal game. I can't see myself ever completely leaving this site but maybe a slow decline in activity. Seems the way of the NG user.

This year I am determined to make another animation. It has been far to long. Just a little short or something. I'm currently busy with my university work but I graduate in the summer so I think I'll start drafting a script them. Have to admit I have forgotten nearly all of my flash knowledge so....wish me luck.

On a final note, check out the Free Rice Crew in Clubs & Crews. Where you can donate to charity simply by taking a quiz. You know it makes you feel all warm inside.

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Hope you didn't take my 'your dad' post/attempt-to-destroy-you too seriously. Sounded like a Chuck Brooker quote, so went with the closest I could think of to an 'in-joke'.


*Charlie Brooker

He is pretty awesome and always good to hear that others enjoy his work.

Chuck Brooker.

Chuck Brookstein the Jewish cowboy?

Chuck Brooklyn billionaire video game playboy

That mother fucker stole my bitch!