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Graphic designer for hire. If you want something designing give me a PM and I'll get back to you.

Decky Doughty @Decky

28, Male

Graphic Designer

University of Chester

Northwich, England

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Decky's News

Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2011

Well I have been at Newgrounds for a year now, so I have decided to write all of my current stats here to keep a record of where I was at this point. So here we go:

Medal Points: 11,335
Number of Flash Uploads: 4
Number of Art Uploads: 24
Current Level: 17
Current Rank: Police Captain
Current Rank Number: 3,070
Number of Blams: 1,073
Number of Saves: 1,340
Combined Saves and Blams: 2,413
Current Whistle: Bronze
Number of Experience Points: 3,185
Current Experience Rank: 9,368
Current Voting Power: 5.94
Number of BBS Posts: 1,204
Current Average BBS Posts Per Day : 3.3
Number of Flash Reviews: 55
Number of Audio Reviews: 16
Number of Trophies: 0

In this year I have tried to get quite abit done, I participated in The Green Line Collab and am currently organising my own collab The Alien Collab. I have also been an active member of the NGPD for quite a few months now and most recently I have become the roster holder for The High Society Club.

For the next year I hope to get a few more flashes up and want to spent more time in the Art Forums, more then likely get involved with a few more collabs. I'll try and get a few level and rank ups too.

Wish me luck :)

Well thats it ladies and gents, heres a picture that I thought was cool.

First Annual Stats Report

Posted by Decky - December 13th, 2010

I've started an art collab about Aliens.

Go here to join in.

The Alien Collab

Posted by Decky - November 14th, 2010

If anybody would like to make a flash together or needs an idea for a flash PM me or comment below. I would like to make another flash but don't have the time to do it alone at the moment.

Would like to Collab with somebody.

Posted by Decky - October 17th, 2010

Was like a week ago.

Just thought it would be a nice thing to share.

She has a newgrounds account to.

Thats about it.................I'm happy.

P.S. Funny pic I found.

Got Engaged

Posted by Decky - October 11th, 2010

Title says everything I guess.......Heres a link.

Some votes and reviews would be good.

Enjoy :)


P.S. I'm aware that this was uploaded about a week ago just not had time to make a news post till now.

2nd Flash Uploaded

Posted by Decky - September 20th, 2010

Finally got my first Flash uploaded.

Give it a listen. Why not review all so. I'd be more then happy to return the favour.

O Yeah

Posted by Decky - August 10th, 2010

I finally got scouted into the Art Portal :). Which has made me want to do some more drawings. It has been a while, Might draw some more Zombie Punks. Whats everybody think? Any ideas are welcome.

Don't forget my audio account. You know you want to give some of them a listen :).

Got Scouted

Posted by Decky - August 5th, 2010

O' Yeah!
Rock out with your Pug out. I feel sorry for the thing but it look cool I wanna take it to a Festival. I reckon that I could at a nice punk girl by showing it off. "Look at my Pug" "Wooooo" "Yeah, come to my tent" :P.

In other news I found a picture of me in google images type "Zombie Punk" into google images with moderate safe search and I'm on the 5th page. Well my chest is with my tattoo :).

Pug Rock

Posted by Decky - August 3rd, 2010

Hes a picture of me. Mainly wanted to show off my new hair. I look like a photofit villain.

I know I put this at the bottom of every news post I make but check out my Audio page.

Update - August 4th
Just noticed that I have gone past my 666th post with out mentioning it on the post. Wanted to post in Metal Hell for it, though it would have been appropriate.


Posted by Decky - July 27th, 2010

Some of you may be wondering why I am wearing what looks like a gimp mask in my profile picture. Well, basically its because I love Chris Fehn (one of the percussionists from Slipknot) and I am, as you can see, the proud owner of a replica of his mask. Just though that it would clear up any rumours that I am some sort of sexual predator. I am, but not one that wears a gimp mask whilst stalking his "prey".

Don't forget to check out my audio page. My new audio is uploaded, give it a listen.