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Fourth Annual Stats Report

2014-01-31 17:56:58 by Decky

Here we are again. I've been here for four years now and I have to say that I haven't been online half as much as I had in previous years. What can I say, real life has got in the way but more of that and what I've been up to after some stats YO! (gain from last year in brackets):

Medal Points: 78,940 (+17,855)

Number of Movies Uploads: 6 (+1)

Number of Game Uploads: 5 (+1)

Number of Art Uploads: 26 (+1)

Current Level: 32 (+4)

Current Rank: Colonel (+2)

Current Rank Number: 393 (+87 Ranks)

Number of Blams: 2,460 (+256)

Number of Saves: 16,960 (+4,191)

Combined Saves and Blams: 19,420 (+4,447)

Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)

Number of Experience Points: 11,035 (+2,600)

Current Experience Rank: 1,742 (+812 Ranks)

Current Voting Power: 7.35 (+0.38)

Number of BBS Posts: 3,694 (+442)

Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.53 (-0.44)

Number of Game Reviews: 74 (+8)

Number of Movie Reviews: 92 (+14)

Number of Art Reviews: 81 (+10)

Number of Audio Reviews: 52 (+4)

Total Reviews: 299 (+36)

So what has been going on in my life? Well, since the last stats report I've got into university and spend most of my week working on some graphic design project or another. This is interspersed with going to work at the weekends at a job I truly hate. Luckily I like the uni work so it's kind of a mix of heaven and hell for me at the moment. As for my Newgrounds activities over the year I took part in The Just a Monday Collab and The Newgrounds Holiday Worm, which was fun as I always enjoy taking part in collabs. I've also been making forum sigs in The Newgrounds Sig Makers. That's about it really.

In the next year I'll try to be more active but I really can't promise anything with how busy I find myself nowadays. Fingers crossed everybody.


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And as always here's a random picture that nobody cares about as nobody is going to read this. It's a photoshop pic of me.





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2014-01-31 22:58:14

Lets see....
You still beat me in everything except: Whistle, Amount of BBS Posts, and Posts Per Day.
I got a Silver Whistle, 10,638 posts, and 8.04 posts per day.

(Updated ) Decky responds:

Yeah, I'm not here too often now and to be honest I'm losing interest in collecting stats and more into getting some work up this year. Hopefully.