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The Planets

2013-11-13 11:07:59 by Decky

Currently working on a project for university in which I have to pick three of The Planets an orchestral suite by Gustav Holst and create a graphic which represents them, it must be a 200mm square with a circle in the centre with a diameter of 140mm. The rest of the graphic must consist of just typography and colour, no easy task though I'm debating creating a graphic for the remaining four (Pluto was not discovered at the time so there is no song for it) and posting it here. Something creative to do over Christmas.

Keep up to date with my progress on my art thread.

List of The Planets

Mars - The Bringer of War (complete)
Venus - The Bringer of Peace (complete)
Mercury - The Winged Messenger
Jupiter - The Bringer of Jollity
Saturn - The Bringer of Old Age (complete, picture below)
Uranus - The Magician
Neptune - The Mystic


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The Planets


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2013-11-14 01:54:04

Damn bro, looks like you got your work cut out for you O_O

Decky responds:

Aye, that I have. Keeping me busy though.


2013-11-14 07:26:31

Good luck Decky!

Decky responds:

Thanks man.


2013-11-14 07:40:15


Decky responds:

It is a tad unusual, I'll give you that.


2013-11-14 20:29:16

Aye, Decky, ol' buddy, do me a favour and tell everyone to report this artwork.
The original Artwork and where he stole it from:
The guys stolen art upload:
Report the art, tell everyone else! This guy is a total fag!


Decky responds:

Tell an art mod man and they'll get it taken down.