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My Valentine

2013-02-14 07:12:16 by Decky

I don't have much in the way of money currently and I've not really had the time to create some art to express my feelings for my girlfriend so it'll simply have to be a news post dedicated to her. Aren't I a cheap skate? Fern you are so lucky. I mean, look at my face, S'all yours hahaha.

Decky <3 Fern

Ok, I'll get all sappy! Thanlk you for all the love you have shown me over the past 10 months. Couldn't have done it without you.....well that's not true it would have been easier but a lot less fun.

My Valentine


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2013-02-14 07:15:01

You lucky bastard.

Decky responds:

I know :3.


2013-02-14 07:18:06

I'm alone, as always.
I'm gonna get drunk.

Decky responds:

You're never alone with Jack Daniels.


2013-02-14 07:18:15

Not really, but still.

Decky responds:

It's good marketing.


2013-02-14 08:10:58


Decky responds:

I try :3.


2013-02-14 08:16:07

Why no colors?

Decky responds:

Because it's spelt with a "u".


2013-02-14 08:51:17

cute <3

Decky responds:

Cheers :3.


2013-02-14 12:42:23

You got the girl, now... the world!

Decky responds:

What will befall this new world I shall create.


2013-02-14 14:13:05

congrats, m8

Decky responds:

Thanks :).