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Third Annual Stats Report

Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2013

Well, what can I say. I've now been a Newgrounds member for three years, time flies when you're having fun. Once again it is time for me to make a note of my stats so I (and anybody else who is interested (which I hope is nobody)) can see how its coming along. So, let us begin (gain from last year in brackets):

Medal Points: 61,085 (+46,550)
Number of Movies Uploads: 5 (New Stat)
Number of Game Uploads: 4 (New Stat)
Total Flash Submissions: 9 (+2)
Number of Art Uploads: 25 (-6)
Current Level: 28 (+6)
Current Rank: Captain (+8)
Current Rank Number: 480 (+1,105 Ranks)
Number of Blams: 2,204 (+777)
Number of Saves: 12,769 (+9,556)
Combined Saves and Blams: 14,973 (+10,333)
Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)
Number of Experience Points: 8,435 (+3,380)
Current Experience Rank: 2,554 (+2,688 Ranks)
Current Voting Power: 6.97 (+0.61)
Number of BBS Posts: 3,252 (+1,388)
Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.97 (+0.42)
Number of Game Reviews: 66 (New Stat)
Number of Movie Reviews: 78 (New Stat)
Total Flash Reviews: 144 (+60)
Number of Art Reviews: 71 (New Stat)
Number of Audio Reviews: 48 (+14)
Total Reviews: 263 (New Stat)

2012 was a good year for me, both in real life and on Newgrounds. Though I didn't contribute to as my projects as I would have wanted I still think what I did do was great and a good laugh. It was particularly amusing taking part in NG Game Jam 7 creating Disembodiment with egg82 and towards the end of the year writing and voice acting for the Just a Monday Collaboration, which is set to be released very soon. As for my art work I believe it has really taken a step up in quality. I deleted some of my older, crap pieces and replaced most with some of the best work I have ever produced. That can only be a good thing.

This year I think I'll try and maybe have another stab at voice acting and writing but in september I get sucked back into the education system for university. Time for Newgrounds might go down the shitter. We'll just have to wait and see what it is I can get done this time.




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Notes About Changes in The Stats and The '12 Redesign

Due to the redesign in Feb '12 some of my stats have been split into two catergories. This is the case for Flash Reviews which has now split into Movie Reviews and Game Reviews, this is also true of my submission stats and for this report only I will also be including a Total Flash Reviews (and Submissions), also I have deleted some of my artworks this year and add new to make a better, rounded portfolio.

Previous Stats Reports

First Annual Stats Report
Second Annual Stats Report

Here's me with my new electric cigarette :).

Third Annual Stats Report

Comments (8)


My stats sucks comapred to yours xD

I've just been really pushing it this year with quite a lot of them. I find it hard to get the energy for reviews to be honest.

Damn....you're ranked higher than I am in Level AND b/p points :/ I'm only a Sergeant....
Though I checked my stats and apparently I accumulated 900 b/p in less than a month! Though I don't have that many blams :/ fucking people always 5ing everything. It makes it damn near impossible to get any blams nowadays....though I have gotten some. Not enough though.
Also need to get my whistle status thingy up....it sucks having a "Normal" whistle....I need to get that up so I can try joining the EGB xD

Hahaha I have been here longer then you and I think my record for B/P in a single month was around 1,750. It's a lot harder now as there tends to be fewer per day. It can be a stuggle to get blams as you pointed out because there are a lot of "5 everything" guys and the general quality of the average flash has gone up, in my opinion.

As for the whistle thing look for bad reviews on low scoring flashes. It's a silver to get into the EGB now. I got in with bronze before it changed.

That's a rather impressive gain of blams you got there.

It was a little bit of a good moment when I worked that one out haha. Not likely I would have got the jackpot on some fruit machines was it.

I think my record was 1450 or something like that....but then again I don't really pay much attention to how many I get in a month. I hardly ever give anything higher than a 3 now. Whenever I give something a 4 or higher its because it either: completely blew my mind or the quality was amazingly good.

Aw its silver now!?!?!??! D:
Looks like I'll patrol the comments on B....there has to be A LOT of abusive reviews on that! xD
And maybe Epic Battle Fantasy 1-3 and all the other top 50 games/movies and whatnot.

Sounds like a plan dude.

Happy anniversary Decky! How many days (if any) have you missed depositing (deposit rate)?
My deposit rate's just above 13% :( You've made quite a big impression in such a short time, congrats!!

Thank you :). My deposit rate is 76% currently.

hey mang, pass that over, i need a hit to get through the day

Nah, I be hogging this shit.

Is it seriously that difficult to get deity? Or did I have no life at all flagging?

I've never been that much of a big flagger, a little weary that'll accidentally get demoted to normal. If you want to help me out I'm always up for that ;).

lol, we're the same level but i somehow have way more b/p than you.

catch up, my friend!

Dam you! Hahaha I'm trying ;).