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Second Annual Stats Report

Posted by Decky - January 31st, 2012

It has gone so fast, I've now officially be a Newgrounds member for two years, so it's time for me to record my current stats and see how much I have improved in the past year. So without anymore delay, here we go (gain in brackets):

Medal Points: 14,535 (+3,200)
Number of Flash Uploads: 7 (+3)
Number of Art Uploads: 31 (+7)
Current Level: 22 (+5)
Current Rank: Corporal (+3)
Current Rank Number: 1,585 (+1,485 Ranks)
Number of Blams: 1,427 (+354)
Number of Saves: 3,213 (+1,873)
Combined Saves and Blams: 4,640 (+2,227)
Current Whistle: Bronze (No Change)
Number of Experience Points: 5,055 (+1,870)
Current Experience Rank: 5,242 (+4,126 Ranks)
Current Voting Power: 6.36 (+0.42)
Number of BBS Posts: 1,864 (+660)
Current Average BBS Posts Per Day: 2.55 (-0.75)
Number of Flash Reviews: 84 (+29)
Number of Audio Reviews: 34 (+18)
Number of Trophies: 0 (No Change)

Well it has been a busy year and I've had less time to give to Newgrounds, hence why my stats are less impressive this year. With the time that I have spent on here this year though I've spent in The Clubs & Crews Forums, especially The EGB (which I'm now a member) and The NGPD.

In the next year I'm going to be working on a number of Flashes. I'm currently working on the art work for a flash with BanglaBoy96 and a solo flash that is going to be a comedy short, but this has been put on the bench whilst i get Bangla's art done.

Anyway NG users, I hope that I can get abit more done in the up and coming year and that I create something that brings joy to you all, have a great year.


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Comments (5)

congratulations you big baby

Baby because I'm a stats whore or because it's only my second NG birthday?

More art pleasse!

I'm currently work on one for The Friday Flood that is this friday. After that there is one every month on the art forums if you wanna join. I'm going to be doing one for the next few months for my latest art.

No i wont join.My art is horrible and terrible.

Practice makes perfect mate.

I joined the flood anyway.

I'm aware. I reviewed it ;).

Was that thing that Asandir did that bad?
PS:i wish i could create such things.

It was ok just a little undetailed. It's pretty easy with 3D software.