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New Flash

3/18/13 by Decky
Updated 3/24/13

The Just a Monday Collab is finished.

WATCH IT!!!!!!!!
WATCH IT!!!!!!!!
WATCH IT!!!!!!!!
WATCH IT!!!!!!!!


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New Flash


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That was great. :) I thought I already left a comment for this btw, must've been someone elses' profile...

5/11/13 Decky responds:

Thanks man, everybody worked hard on it.



That was seriously a great job, nice.

4/9/13 Decky responds:

Cheers man :3.

Your survey entry: 83

4/2/13 Decky responds:

Completely forgot about that XD.

Say that (Art forum Summer picture) looks fun, might just do that! Though my Summer will entail some rather back-breaking work, running a farm and sorting through (literally) tons of metallic things :P

4/1/13 Decky responds:

It's always good to work outside in the summer. Always look on the bright side and what not :).

Just got done watching it again, extraordinary work! When do collabs ever come out this good looking?

4/1/13 Decky responds:

When I'm involved they do ;). I started another one in the art forum: ic/1336413




3/19/13 Decky responds:

Indeed it is :).