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2013-01-07 09:37:02 by Decky

Well, the underwater piece that I was making simply wasn't going to get made let's face it. Does anybody have any ideas for what I could draw? If It's left up to me I'll just end up making another skull and I think I've proven that I can do that.

In other news I got my head shaved into a mohawk again and I've got a new artwork out follow the link below, vote, review. You know the drill.

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2013-01-29 22:18:01

what malachy said

Decky responds:

It's an idea.


2013-01-20 13:37:51


Decky responds:

Well, it would be up if NG wasn't glitchy as fuck. It's on my art thread anyway.


2013-01-20 11:15:47

do it

Decky responds:

New art coming up now and it's not Darth Decky.


2013-01-09 10:09:17

You should do Darth Decky.

Decky responds:

I'll see if I can shoe horn it into the piece in some way. I'm still gathering ideas but I think this could end up being one sick piece.


2013-01-08 18:19:55

What about a soundcloud profile picture for me lol.
Nah but seriously, maybe you could make like a scene of a city in the year 2072, flying cars and stuff :3

Decky responds:

That's an interesting idea. I might mix it with the flying V idea and the horse head to make some kind of futuristic super villian piece.

Right, I'm going to get on that soundcloud thing for you too. What size is it again?


2013-01-08 03:10:01 about some spy wearing a horse mask with crazy stuff happening in the background?

Decky responds:

Hmmmmmm. You mean like a latex horse head piece?


2013-01-08 02:39:06

caricatures of celebrities :p

Decky responds:

I once did a caricature class but I was never any good so I don't think I'll be able to do that :(.


2013-01-07 16:34:53

A giant flying V guitar impaling a skyscraper! o:

(Updated ) Decky responds:

Nice idea :).


2013-01-07 13:16:40

Suggestion: Darth Decky.

Decky responds:

Hahaha I Forgot about that :).